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Latitudes & Cattitudes

Prequel to the Sea Purrtector Files


Xander de Hunter is a rising star on Catamondo's kick-boxing circuit and has dreams of becoming a Purrtector.


After a match in Seattle, he is asked to help find Merlin's littermate, Cha-Cha, a white Norwegian beauty, who is missing.


With Merlin's assistance, they follow Cha-Cha's trail into the Puget Sound where Xander must face his biggest fear – water. 

The Red Claw

- Book 1 of the Sea Purrtector Files

ISBN 978 -0-9913338-6-8  paperback /  978 1 3105331 1 2 ebook



Xander de Hunter, Catamondo's Sea Purrtector, is setting up safe havens for cats, who live in the Caribbean, when the Purrsident's littermate, Dame Esmeralda, is catnapped.

But when he rushes to Jamaica to help Sir Simon, the Jamaican Purrtector, rescue Dame Esmeralda, C'Pause, captained by Valentine, a bulldog, who has been monitoring Xander's hurricane preparedness project for Dogdom, follows.


Upon arriving in Jamaica, Xander realizes that the rumors of Jamaica being one of Dogdom's strongholds is true. Will he be able to save Dame Esmeralda, or was her abduction bait to trap him?


- Book 2 of the Sea Purrtector Files

ISBN 978-0-9913338-9-9  paperback /  978 13103684 0 0 ebook


As Catamondo's Purrtectors enforce the peace treaty with Dogdom, tempers flair.

When Xander rushes there to help the Haitian Purrtector, he realizes the revolt is organized. Worse, witchcraft and voodoo seem to be involved in a plot to hex the Purrsident.


Will Xander be able to restore the peace?

The Vi-Purrs


The Daily Mews reports continued violence in the Dominican Republic's Purrtectorate.


Worse, Xander discovers that the Moreau situation is still affecting the ability of Catamondo to purrtect cats and the Purrtectorate seems to be involved.


Will Xander be able to save the integrity of the Purrtectorate and restore peace?


After defeating the Vi-Purrs, Xander de Hunter believes the Moreau situation has finally been dealt with. Then, as Merlin researches India as a possible location to launch Pumpkin Purrfection, which is Elegant Eats newest flavor, he notices some odd data, which inspires him to search further. Merlin comes up with six names that indicate more Moreau freaks could still be at large.


The Catamondo Council asks Xander to oversee the investigation and requests that Merlin assist. Unfortunately, all six cats are in India, which is on the other side of the world.


Will he finally be able to stamp the file 'case closed'?

Star Bridge

- Book #1 of the Chatterre Trilogy -

ISBN-978-0-9913338-7-5  paperback / 9781311760548 ebook

Nimri, Chaterre's new Keeper of the Peace, must safeguard her tribe from their bitter rivals. To do this, she must find her 'magic core'.

Many light years away, Colonel Larwin Atano, an elite Guerreterre Shadow Warrior, fights to save his intergalactic starfighter. Despite all efforts, he crashes.

Larwin perceives Chattere's resources as a means to gain power and prestige and views the planet's inhabitants as a minor inconvenience.

Nimri believes Larwin is a supernatural Guardian, who will protect her tribe from their rivals.


Who will survive the coming conflict?

Thunder Moon

 - Book # 2 of the Chatterre Trilogy -

ISBN 978-0-9913338-8-2 paperback  / 9781310039645 e-book



Raine must return a rogue mooncalf (dragon) to her world or face death. Thunder must kill the dragon to protect his world.


Who will will win and who will die?

Fire Island

Tem-aki Atano fell through a rift, when the star bridge was destroyed, and must find a way to survive on an island, which worships 'Fire Dragons' (a.k.a. madrox).


Draco Cameron O'Ryan, must figure out a way to keep the dragons, which are hatching near an extinct volcano at his island's core, dormant, so that they do not destroy things, yet keep the faith alive.


But the beasts are hatching.


Will they destroy the island?

Deadly Rumors

ISBN-978-0-9913338-1-3 paperback / 9781310168697 ebook

Kelsey MacLennan and Devlin Doran both want to make the world better.

Doran believes the rumors about the MacLennans dealing drugs, so his goal is to bring them down.


Kelsey MacLennan wants to make the world better, but her senatorial political campaign turns deadly and rumors abound, when the incumbent must win or be killed by his backers. Devlin Doran's younger sister died of an overdose, so his goal is to prosecute pushers. Rumors abound that the MacLennans are high in the local drug network and he is targeting Kelsey MacLennan.

Will they be able to separate fact from fiction or will the rumors be deadly to them?

Fatal Attractions

- LinkStone Book # 1 -

ISBN-978-0-9913338-2-0 paperback / 9781310838910 ebook

Armed with new identities and disguises, Ariel and Tempest Danner are on the run, again. Will Stone O'Banyon, their new landlord and Fairbanks, Alaska be a sanctuary or a trap?

Passion's Fire

 - LinkStone Book 2 -

ISBN-978-0-9913338-4-4 paperback / 9781310931123 ebook

Prior to the blaze that killed her husband, Jacqueline Cardew believed her husband wrote the "fiery messages' she received. Now she finds a new note inside her locked house. Jacqueline suspects her faceless stalker murdered Adam and she is next. She flees north, where she joins Link Gavallan's group on a two week long Alaskan wilderness canoe trip. As they float down the desolate river, she receives another message…

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