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Robin Chambers posted this on Amazon - .com and - and on Goodreads.:

TITLE: In pursuit of peace and happiness

This is a fascinating tale of colliding cultures, contrasting values and the struggle for mutual understanding in the pursuit of peace and happiness.  Jeanne Foguth has created a very interesting blend of science fiction and fantasy in which to explore some timeless human issues and dilemmas.

Warrior Colonel Larwin Atano crash-lands on an apparently lifeless planetoid.  He is accompanied by an android (model GEA-4) made in the likeness of a small human female with silver hair and a voice “as sensuous as a wet dream.” Amazed to find himself still alive, he finds there is something on this planetoid that makes it very special indeed…

Nimri Tramontain wishes she had not inherited the role of Protector of her people following the recent death of her grandfather Rolf.  She doesn’t feel up to the task, for she doesn’t believe herself capable of harnessing and controlling the power of Myst…

These two characters have been brought up in almost totally different ways in totally different environments with significantly different knowledge bases, values and expectations.  Many conflicts need resolving, and through a tale of many twists and turns they each come to a greater understanding of themselves in their respective pursuits of happiness.

I was gripped by the story, and intrigued to find out how the author was going to handle the pretty profound issues she was exploring.  It says a lot about the human condition, and the different directions in which we as a creature can be pulled by different aspects of our natures and the conditioning of our upbringings.  I thoroughly recommend it as an entertaining and thoughtful piece of work.


Review by: krystyl sheeks on Feb. 13, 2015 :

So glad the book is finally here! I love reading everything this author writes. She is super talented and always keeps you guessing what will happen next.

Review by:CaptainBookalot on Feb. 13, 2015 :

I did not read the first book Star Bridge but it did not effect the flow of this book. It was well written and full of surprises. I plan to order Star Bridge soon.

Review by: Mia Danley on Jan. 15, 2015 :

I'm a HUGE fan of this author and this series. I eat up each book like I do my favorite chocolate bar. I savor every word and I'm always a little sad when I finish the book but then a new one is released and I'm on cloud nine all over again! Please keep them coming. It's an adventure worth everyone's time.


Review by: Kaj Graham on Jan. 15, 2015 :

I did not think it could get much better then the first book but it did. I loved how the author mixed worlds in this book and how while it is a sequel it could be a stand alone easily. I was so happy for the Nimri updates and loved meeting new characters as well as having Kazza (a magical tiger) as a main character. (I admit Kazza is my favorite character as I am a tad bit cat obsessed.)


My favorite author

By Allen Danley on February 13, 2015

I couldn't wait for this to come out! Such a great read. Highly recommend you check out her other great books!!



By Amazon Customer on February 13, 2015

This was a great read and an awesome continuation of the series. I love this series and also alien tigers.



By tr on February 13, 2015

This book is amazingly awesome. Just like all the other books by this aurther. I am a real sucker for all the dragons.



By Amazon Customer on February 13, 2015

I love Thunder Moon as much as I love Jeanne Foguth. She never disappoints and always keeps the reader entranced.


Five Stars

By SaltyLife on February 13, 2015

Awesome book by a fabulous author. Everyone should take the time to read this awesome book.


Thank You!

By Brenda on February 13, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Cannot wait to get started on this one! I know it will be just as good as the first, if not better! Can't wait to find out what happens after Star Bridge :)



ByKittylover "Trying to find our way down a road we don't know."on February 12, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I am so glad the wait for this book was not forever. I loved it I got to know Thunder better and a few new characters. There where more dragons and actions. I love the way this authors mind works! I never could guess what will happen next and my emotions bounce here there and everywhere.

The Red Claw



Featured in this blog:



by afaenia  ---  original article posted at


"Kamikaze" Xander de Hunter is the Sea Purrtector, appointed by Catamundo. His job is to help cats wherever he advises his humans to drop anchor. Due to the important nature of his work, he must endeavour to keep his role a secret - especially from the prying eyes of Dogdom.

The Purrsident's littermate, Dame Esmeralda, has been catnapped and only Kamikaze Xander is the right cat for the job.

He sets sail for Jamaica to rescue her, but will he arrive in time? Is the kidnapping just bait for a trap laid by Dogdom?

The Red Claw by Jeanne Foguth is a great mid-length book for young readers who love animals - cats in particular! Xander's mission takes him through the flora and fauna of Jamaica, where he meets the plucky Sharkey and a few unexpected allies.


If you enjoy stories with a science fiction/fantasy twist, you may enjoy The Red Claw. :)

Reviews on Smashwords:


A purrfect read for animal lovers, particularly those more inclined towards our feline friends. A great book for all ages. My cat Willis has asked me to write, that this book is like a mouse, one you just want to sink your teeth into and never let go.

~ Jennaty


My mommy read me this purrfect story. I may only be a six month old kitten but I know a good book when I hear one. The way level of purrfection Jeanne makes me wonder if Jeanne is really a human or if she is a kitty herself. Everyone, humans and furbabies alike must read!!!!

~ Sammibaby14


OMG. This book was PUUURRFECT. I Puraise the author for being like minded with a cat. The wording through out tickled me and the ending tossed me through a "tail spin". I have not read a cat book this interesting since the Warrior series. I hope there are many many more from this series. I already went and follwed the author or Amazon so I don't miss any. Now I am off to look at adopting a simease cat. LOL

~ babykens


It was great reading this lovely cat-based story. You can almost see Xander getting wet, trying to get all the slobber off his fur, climbing the various trees, jumping into that truck filled with stinking fish, etc. It is as if the author, obviously being a tremendous cat-lover, has been able to physically put herself into his coat. What started off as a detective changed to something I did not expect! Loved that twist to the story, which also has several messages for the reader to ponder over afterwards. The book cover is absolutely beautiful and shows the very strong Siamese, which Xander is!

~ PauNic


Great author. Great story, will read and re read for years to come, will read with my children and share with everyone I come across who loves cats!

~ Jaime Brown


I am so happy I got to read this arc with my 9 and 11 year old as well as fur babies (though Miss Livie Lou Who said there where to many cats and not enough dogs...what can I say chihuahua's) The rest of us enjoyed reading about Xander's travel to save Esmerelda and since reading the kids have been asking to know more about Jamaica. They want to sail their one day like Xander did. They are really looking forward to reading book number two of the series and have been following the authors blog for sneak peaks...

Thank you, Jeanne, for writing a family friendly story for thous of us in mixed human and furry families. There are few books both kids agree on and this one made the top of their lists. In fact my oldest is doing her book report on it.

~ kajtherage


I love this whimsical author. The stories are fun, fantastic and as a cat lover...ppppeeerrrrffffeeeecccctttt to curl up in bed with. Keep them coming Jeanne.

~ Mia Danley


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